About Esther Starke

I have been working in ceramics since 1977, when I started taking classes at the College of Marin. I was in class there for about 10 years, until a family move took me to Dallas, where I worked at Richland College and in a group studio called Olla Podrida. During 12 years there, I sold my work in galleries ranging from Dallas and Nacogdoches to Atlanta, Carmel and Point Reyes.

Upon returning to California in 2000, I found the Terra Linda Ceramics Group and have continued to work there happily ever after. Before I came to this group I had only worked in high fire clay and glazes, but have now made the switch to low fire and enjoy all its new challenges.

About My Work

When I started my first class I just wanted to learn to throw pots. Then one day I made a very small Noah’s Ark, and that started me on my journey. Next came small Noah’s Ark tea pots, large tea pots and a very large ark with three levels, all the paired animals, provisions and Noah with his family. By then I was hooked for life. Much of my work since then has featured all manner of animals, birds and even fish.

In a way, I think of my pieces as representing the middle of a story. The viewers, if they wish, can imagine the beginning and the end, and I am free to create any playful thing I want without ever thinking why. It is a great joy to watch, and see, what appears out of the pinched and prodded clay. I love doing animals and people with a whimsical bent. My greatest pleasure is to create objects or settings that make me smile. And if they make others smile as well, that’s even better.

“Esther’s ceramic work has a whimsical charm that I’ve never seen before.”

 ~Sally C.

Customizable Pieces

While each of my pieces is original, formed and glazed individually, there are some that I have made multiple versions of, such as the tea pots, cowboy boots, vases and pears.  Therefore the pictures on this site are only representative of the actual pieces I may still have.  If interested in pieces like these, contact me and I’ll send photos of the artwork that is still available.

One-of-a-Kind Pieces

I have many one-of-a-kind pieces of art, many of which are multi-layered and took months to complete, such as the On the Bay with Pigs totem pole and the 5 foot tall long-lashed giraffe pictured in the portfolio. I love talking art, so if you have any questions about my pieces, please do email me and I’d be happy to get in touch.